What is the Verity Difference?

Dental practitioners play a small, albeit significant, role in making Indianapolis a better and healthier community. One day at a time, one patient at a time, our staff will work to educate new patients so they may apply this knowledge in improving their oral health and that of their families.

When we founded Verity Smile Studio knew we wanted to have a dental practice that is inherently patient-centric, yet also community-oriented. The principles that started our Indianapolis dental practice have become known as The Verity Difference. We are working to create a different kind of dental experience for patients, and by extension, the community as a whole. Read on to learn more about The Verity Difference.

We care.

We started Verity Smile Studio because we realize the importance of oral hygiene and how transformative having a healthy, beautiful smile can be. Our dentist in Indianapolis hope to make each patient passionate about caring for their oral health — this process starts with caring for the patient and working with them one-to-one.

We serve with integrity.

Integrity is often defined as "doing the right thing when you know no one is watching." As dental practitioners, we know many patients are “in the dark” when it comes to understanding various types of dental procedures. We don't expect you to understand what apicoectomies and vertical occlusion of dimension mean. In serving with integrity, we will help you to understand the various treatment options so you can make informed decisions regarding your treatment path.

We are community oriented.

We believe everyone should have access to quality oral health care. Our Indianapolis dental practice is developing initiatives to extend our reach throughout the community. We are also committed to supporting and empowering our community neighbors, helping to spread the idea of healthy living.

We value your time.

There are plenty of dental practices in the Circle City. To set our practice apart, we have a streamlined scheduling and check-in process to keep wait time to an absolute minimum.

We listen.

Dental professionals also serve as educators and mentors. This means listening to the concerns of patients and making recommendations they can apply during the 99.9% of time they are away from the dental office.

We offer flexible financing.

We believe that patients shouldn't have to strain their budgets to receive quality dental care. We have flexible financing options available and would be happy to discuss these prior to any procedure.

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